The new community partnership will contribute to the development of fintech-related cooperation between Qatar and Sweden

Doha, Qatar – 06 October 2019: Qatar Development Bank (QDB) has officially announced a new community partnership between Qatar FinTech Hub and Findec, the Swedish hub for fintechs.

Outlining the objectives and measures of the new partnership, a memorandum of understanding was signed on 06 October 2019 between Qatar FinTech Hub, represented by Mr Abdulaziz Bin Nasser Al-Khalifa, Chairman of Qatar National FinTech Task Force and Chief Executive Officer of Qatar Development Bank, and Mr Anders Norlin, Chief Executive Officer of Findec.

The partnership aims to develop all FinTech-related industry cooperation between Qatar and Sweden, introducing several measures that will strengthen mutual initiatives and knowledge exchange between the two countries.

Abdulaziz bin Nasser al-Khalifa, Chairman of Qatar National FinTech Task Force and Chief Executive Officer of Qatar Development Bank said: “We are pleased to welcome Findec as a new global partner of Qatar FinTech Hub. This is a significant achievement that demonstrates our commitment to building and developing a cooperative relationship between FinTech ecosystems in Qatar and Sweden, a partnership that will give Qatari and Swedish Fintech startups access to both markets.”

Mats Holmfeldt, co-founder and Chairman of Findec, said:”International partnerships and collaborations between hubs are vital to the global fintech ecosystem. Findec is proud to partner with Qatar Fintech Hub to foster collaboration between the two markets.”

Qatar FinTech Hub
Qatar FinTech Hub is the global FinTech Hub with a purpose to support the development of the FinTech industry in the State of Qatar. The objectives of hub are to facilitate collaboration among participants and stakeholders of the FinTech ecosystem and to develop impactful local and global relationships that will serve the vision of Qatar FinTech Hub. More information about Qatar FinTech Hub is available at


Findec is a hub embracing the whole Swedish Fintech scene. Besides an extensive digital community platform, regular meet-ups and international initiatives, Findec will run targeted business development programs in close collaboration with Nordea and other partners.

Findec currently has over 100 members and expects to grow to over 200 members by 2020. For more info:


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